Emerging TV – the opps in emerging TV formats / tech / audience & social behaviour (@McrDig event)

Vintage Philco Predicta television

CC attribution to Kevin Dean at www.betaart.com. This looked almost futuritic in a Terry Gilliam kind of way.

Another hit-and-run event review, sorry. This event was around emerging TV and was held on Tuesday 18th September at a new venue in Media City Manchester called The Landing (nice space btw).

The 10 second roundup:

TV means a load of thing now, a plethora of manufacturers, channels, service providers, connected devices, apps, time-shifted content, any number of content makers but it still means entertainment, broadcast, story telling, water cooler moments – and more. How do you as a content / programme maker, technologist or marketer get ‘in there’ in the flux that’s happening and best serve your brand / clients / service / audience (and shareholders for some) ?
That’s my stream of consciousness take on it anyway!

TV per se isn’t strictly my ‘arena’ but the emerging / cross channel move to digital and social content and transmedia (not sure if the term was used on the day?) has made it more so and as it happens I’m working with a client on a think piece just now on video/social in retail, which is a bit tangential but it felt right to be at this one. And I’m glad I attended.

Here’s the official Manchester Digital pre-blurb (with added links from me):

An exploration of the new business opportunities created by emerging TV formats.

This free half day event hosted in MediaCity/Mcr will look in depth at the commercial opportunities and challenges of EmergingTV  including 2nd screen, SocialTV, interactive broadcast, synchronised companion apps and audience participation.   It will evaluate the opportunity and challenges from the perspective of the Broadcaster, the Production and the Audience as well as the technologies and frameworks that deliver it.

Untangling the Wires – making sense of the emerging TV revolution – Nigel Walley, MD Of Decipher  / (also at https://twitter.com/DecipherOffAir)
The impact of Emerging TV – Social & Companion Apps’  – Scott Parker, MD Never.no
Effective use of second screen within a production – Justine Potter, Savvy Productions
Commercial opportunities for broadcasters – Nick Wheatley, Creative Multi-Platform Controller, ITV 

My take:

Lots to think about. I’ll come back to you on that. All the speakers were interesting and obviously knew their onions. And thanks to Justine for a dash down school days lane and some great old ‘telly’.
In some ways there was similar set of conversations at something I attended (specifically on 2nd Screens) a few months back and a bit further back here about Social and TV.. suggesting that we’re still collectively figuring out how all these advances in tech / social behaviour will shape up (‘settle down’ is never going to happen) and how we can utilise best for our artistic and commercial enterprises.

Thanks to Manchester Digital for arranging the event and it drew an audience from across the north (primarily I think) as well as interest on the interwebs from further afield so obviously a great calibre event.