Animated GIFs for online marketing (spotted on @HubSpot)

Animated GIFs? really? I did a double take (which in itself would make a nice GIF) when I spotted this post from HubSpot – a guide to GIFs in Marketing.

I used to mess about with GIFs on the family site I had back in 1999 or so .. little images of my family with some info next to each of us.

Just dug these out of the family vault.. (me – look, hair! – and my son Ronan as he was then, kinda taller now..)

Animated Gif of Mark kelly  Animated GIF of Ronan Kelly

I then noodled about with Flash for a while but the attraction of GIFs and thier simplicity remained. But since then and other than the ubiquitous lol cat type of stuff I’ve kind of ignored GIFs for years. Which makes the HubSpot guide (and nice video) really interesting.

Now I’m excited again and thinking about a G+ profile update or maybe creating some social object to share on my blog etc.. or just making some art (for art’s sake) and playing about with some of my photos. hmm.

Have you used GIFs in any of your marketing activity?

(btw that’s GIF not JIF sir)