keep your blog human

Keep it human.. Something you need to keep in mind when you set up a corporate blog.. amongst other things it’s about showing the human side of the business (people buy .. etc).
So amongst your industry overviews and latest campaigns, letting people know what your team/s are up to brings the brand / business to life.

Less applicable maybe to a consultant / freelancer who trades on their name as it were BUT it is a damn fine excuse to let you know of a couple of things I’m up to in the coming days.

The Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge.

Firstly and cross-posting from my hiking blog, I’m undertaking the Yorkshire 3 Peaks on Saturday 8th September; to raise money for a homeless/ rough sleeper charity that does great work (@simonotstreets).
For my USA readers think Everest, K2 and Mount McKinley. Okay, not actually as high but it is 3 large peaks, 25 miles of hike and all to be completed in under 12 hours.

A shot of me doing it last year:

Photo taken on Ingleborough peak

Me halfway up Ingleborough. yes I’m red-faced.

And you can sponsor me here if you like.

The sponsorship page will be open up until Q1 2013 so the person from the furthest corner of the globe who sponsors me will get a special shout out here.

The Mikron Theatre Boatathon

Secondly and the very next day (uh oh) I’m helping Mikron Theatre Company on their boatathon, which involves 40 hours of narrowboating. Like a lot of Arts organisations Mikron have to constantly find new ways to raise funds.
I’m a board member for Mikron and doing my bit (and having fun along the way, albeit a bit done in after a 25 mile hike).
The boatathon consists of six of the office team and board members bringing Tyseley (Mikron’s very own narrowboat) home from Shropshire to Salford for the winter. In under 40 hours. Non stop over 81 miles, 36 Locks, 31 aqueducts or bridges and 3 tunnels.

Photo of Narrowboat Tyseley


I’ll be back with all things digital marketing soon! (hopefully..)