Is email marketing dead?

Or put another way: ‘we’ve got our social media plan now, do we still need to send out emails?’

Really short post on this :

Yes. Yes you do. Don’t stop investing in your database and email campaigns.

email Screen shot

Email isn’t dead (much like broadcast / print marketing isn’t dead – that’s for another time though).

Email is still really effective, responsive because of the fact that it’s personalised and can speak direct and get through the ‘noise’ of updates.
However welcome and despite the fact we’ve requested them, the barrage of updates competing for the same screen space in a Facebook/twitter/LinkedIn timelines can sometimes make it hard to grab and focus on one brand’s communication.

It isn’t an either-or situation, it should be collaborative thing – your email strategy working with your social media strategy.

I get a lot of updates from brands , industry organisations etc via twitter, via Facebook but I still subscribe to a lot of email newsletters (including from social media vendors or groups).

And to put my money (ok, time) where my mouth is I’ve set up a newsletter sign-up on my page (over there, on the right) ..

People with more reasoned arguments than mine and well worth a read: