#TEDxBradford as part of #LifeOnline

This was a TEDx Bradford (#TEDxBradford) event (and thanks to @imran who runs great events an Steve Manthorp for hosting) as part of the Media Museum’s Life Online gallery launch.

@imran and @manthorp kicking off TEDx Bradford

@imran and @manthorp kicking off TEDx Bradford (Photo credit: smithi1)

And it was a really good afternoon.. lots to soak up and think about, all coalesced generally around the theme of A Life Online.
I think videos of some / all of the talks will be available soon*.

@cubicgarden has blogged about the event, my top talk was also Jane Macdonald’s ‘Tales of Things‘.

The Cubic Garden review of TEDxBradford.

* As I said I’m not sure other talks are ready to be viewed yet but in the meantime have a look at @timoreilly and his opening address:


His Mantra of “Creating More Value Than You Capture” struck a real chord, an ethos I’ve always applied in my fuzzy logic / belief system of karma, altruism, collaboration, niceness.

Some of the talks were really nicely summarised by Richard Garside on his site : http://nogginbox.co.uk/blog/drawing-tedx-bradford.

Tim O'Reilly talk and ethos

The reference to the Clothesline Paradox is from here I think: http://www.wholeearth.com/issue/2008/article/358/the.clothesline.paradox

One of my favourites from Richard’s drawings is here : I like the drawing itself but also the recycling of old and obsolete instruction books into mushroom fodder. And the fact that the illustration mentions Foxpro. I spent many a long night creating clients systems in that bad boy.
Illustration form TEDxBradford talk on GeekOSystem