New platform for an old blog ..

New year , new blog (platform). Seemed a good time to make the move.

And an excuse to noodle away hours on trying out new themes, new widgets.

Hmm, maybe should have left it well enough alone.

Anyway, I’m in the process of pulling across all my content from a squarespace account into wordpress ( was on squarespace for years but I’ve made the move to WP ) ..
hence the current clunky design, the lack of images etc (they all need re-adding which is a bit painful, going back 3 years or more!)

So stick with me as I rebuild my blog, thanks.

Oh, please RSS, fave, +1 , like, tweet, gasp .. as much as you like .
Or just say hello in the comments of this inaugural (kind of) post ..thanks

btw – the featured image is (should be) one of the older photos on my ‘old’ squarespace blog. It features a Pleo, which I left behind when I left McCanns. I miss the Pleo. I like dinosaur-shaped robots.