Augmented Reality .. what’s up?

What’s up AR?

I’ve read a couple of things about AR in Marketing recently and realised I hadn’t been paying you much attention of late. Sorry. I think your early promise had me bedazzled but I know that I’ve kind of just been seeing you out of the corner of my eye of late.

Rather than in front of it, sat on top of my marketing world (in an augmented kind of a way, okay I’ll drop the bad analogy now). So I’m going to rectify that.. and see if you’ve moved on a pace.

In the meantine, here’s something I wrote on (you guessed it) my agency blog about Cadburys new AR packaging campaign


Giving augmented reality a twirl

Cadburys have teamed up with augmented reality technology provider, blippar,  to let consumers play games that only spring into life when you point your Smartphone (with the bippar app installed) at selected product wrappers.

Blippar Cadburys app photo

Here’s a link to the idea.

I liked the novel fact that you don’t need a QR/bar code on the packaging butthe game felt a bit so-what (bit tricky to manipulate the phone, bit short, that sort of thing) to me, even with tickets to the Olympics up for grabs. I like the fact that Blippar and Cadburys are pushing new tech ideas in marketing – And I like twirl bars , so that was good 🙂 – but its not there yet.

But I didn’t think it was moving things on beyond the  Doritos in 2009 campaign. Which I blogged about here:

Maybe it didn’t need to, this is the UK, that was a continent away.

But it got me thinking again about AR and I’ve been looking at my twitter list of FutureNow Stuff (including some AR news or views sources) again – expect some more posts soon on this 🙂