Judged By Algorithms .. The Influence Thing

… a term* I used recently on my agency’s blog  (see article called ‘This Influence Thing’) to describe the growing reality that much of what we do and how we behave is / will be affected, guided or judged by algorithms. I used it in the context of social capital and Influence tools but this article from the BBC : “When Algorithms control the World “expands that into all areas of our life. Makes fascinating reading.

The tone and the title with its knowing nod (I think?) towards “when dinosaurs ruled the world” steers just the right side of Panic! Here come the Robots! – which makes the implications it explores all the more thought provoking. Algorithms have been in marketing for a long time – in direct marketing in the 90’s for one – and more recently via Google of course.

And here’s another great article from State of Search that @ally_manock shared today that looks at a wider set of marketing algorithms.

So whilst they are not totally brand new, its the increasing ubiquity, importance and willingly unfettered (okay now I’m using alarmist terms, whoops) / uncontrolled usage of algorithms (and how you need to get your head around how to work with them as a marketer) that adds to the Singularity-esque interest of this piece.

* I still think its a great name for a band btw.